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Incognito Mode - A Little Addition To Your Privacy

Incognito mode or private browsing is a feature available in many web browsers. If it is enabled, the browser will not store your browsing history. The websites you visit, the data you entered in web forms will vanish after you close the browser tab, if you use the incognito mode, the browser will not keep you logged in even if you forgot to log out and prevent advertisers to target you based on your past browsing history. Incognito mode enhances your privacy, especially if you are on a public computer.

The incognito mode definitely adds a little to your privacy. Remember, the incognito mode does not ensure your 100% privacy, as the website you are visiting and your device’s operating system may still be able to collect and store identifiable information.

The incognito mode is definitely an add-on to your privacy but it does not prohibit the website you are visiting, your operating system or your internet service provider from keeping your traces.

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